I’m not a sessile beast. Don’t settle easily

for what’s called peace.  Trappings of civility,

seat belts, tight clothes, liaisons, excite

in me the fantasy of flight.


Some day, no doubt, I’ll dote and totter

close to home on swollen ankles, glad to know

how simply I can ease into a nearby chair. 


Some day I even may weigh down

a mattress days on end, wired to tubes

like water clocks that drip my life away.


Some day (it’s possible) I even may

rebind my life to friend or lover

with a taut, resilient line hooked tight

into the heart.  But not tonight.



About javsimson

Scientist, traveler, woman, writer, spiritual explorer, mother, grandmother, fascinated with the world, appalled by deliberate human ignorance. Website and blogs include:
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