On Being a Woman – The Myth of Prince Charming

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On Being a Woman – The Myth of Prince Charming


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4 Responses to On Being a Woman – The Myth of Prince Charming

  1. A few months ago I was surprised to see the movie Pretty Woman on the ABC Family channel, which is nothing more than a modern retelling of the Prince Charming fairy tale, only the princess is a hooker with a heart of gold. I find it both amusing and disturbing that this is considered a “family” movie, and sends a horrible message to young girls.

    • I agree! I was disturbed by the movie when I saw it years ago. I’ll need to get into the whole sexuality thing in this thread one of these days. I think it’s control of women’s sexuality that’s really at issue here, which seems to be motivating a lot of the “retro” legislation these days.

  2. While I worry about the image my niece(s) have of themselves based on the Disney princesses, or any fairy tale princess for that matter, I do also worry about the image those stories create for my boys. While I haven’t seen “Brave” yet, it bothers me that all the princes or princes-to-be are also only interested in showing their prowess to win a girl. Really? Can’t my little princes be enough for themselves without worrying about a girl? When it comes right down to it, a guy who knows himself and is comfortable in his own skin is way more attractive than one who can lift my couch or give me a life of leisure.

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