Birth Control: Key to Averting Environmental Disaster

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Birth Control: Key to Averting Environmental Disaster


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6 Responses to Birth Control: Key to Averting Environmental Disaster

  1. nrhatch says:

    Well reasoned post, Joanne. One reason we chose not to have kids is that I didn’t want to bring them into a world already bulging at its seams.

    • Thanks for the comment, Nancy. I had three, but two of them were “unintentional” although much loved when they arrived. If everyone had access to birth control, there would still be a few unintended pregnancies, but the population would level off and eventually decrease. Don’t know how much time we still have.

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  3. archecotech says:

    Interesting post, not sure I agree with everything but like another commenter said, “well reasoned”. One factor that could be considered, “nuclear power” it may seem insignificant but the timing of the two events are noteworthy. If it weren’t for the harnessing of the atom wars would be easier waged (what would contain them). Contraception inhibits life, the other one destroys both of which if we believe in a loving God know it doesn’t come from him. I’m not sure we should try to inhibit life but learn to be responsible caring beings to which should be our ultimate goal.

  4. I enjoyed your article. I have consciously chosen not to have kids in this life. Even when I was a child, I worried about poverty around the world, starving children, and overpopulation, not to mention human trafficking. I wish more people would adopt kids.

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