Surviving a coat hanger abortion doesn’t get you sympathy it gets you arrested

And we all thought these horror stories were in the past. This is the terrible double-bind women are in when they are fertile and sexually active. Even birth-control isn’t always effective. My heart goes out to this woman. And my anger at the authorities AND her “boyfriend” knows no bounds. See also,


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4 Responses to Surviving a coat hanger abortion doesn’t get you sympathy it gets you arrested

  1. Carol Stone says:

    Having seen many similar stories over the years, I find this topic so painful I can’t even click on the original link. I can imagine too well what happened to the victim. What is wrong with right-wing abortion opponents? Why do they feel they have the right to endanger pregnant women’s lives or to force them to bear unwanted children who are likely to end up abused or neglected? In this area alone, there have been two horrendous stories lately about newborn babies who were murdered. Is that result preferable to a safe and legal abortion? Even the birth control that would make abortion unnecessary is under attack now, and Planned Parenthood clients must fear for their lives when they go to clinics.

    The essays on contraception and its importance are brilliant. I had no idea you were such a good writer. I knew you were a good thinker.

  3. Thanks, Plum! Appreciate the feedback. I’m planning on collecting several of these blog posts (and a few to come, if I can ever get around to writing them!) and publishing a book of essays with a title something like “On Being a Woman.”
    Good to know your name. I lived in Philadelphia for two years, and I must say I wasn’t very happy there. Many drawbacks of a big city, coupled with a lot of corruption and mistrust. I was probably too poor at the time to take advantage of much of culture. The museums were, however, marvelous.

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