About Jo Anne Valentine Simson

Wondering. Wandering. Writing. I’ve been writing since age 13, mostly journals & prose, but also poetry & mini-essays. My first publications were scientific papers, published during the last three decades of the twentieth century. While still a practicing scientist, I began writing short stories, a few of which were published (under the pseudonym V. Pascoe). Since retiring I’ve written two nonfiction books; to see them, check out the books page of this blog.

What has stirred me most recently is the issue of women–how our life concerns and efforts are once again being demeaned and eroded by men who think they know best. Women are now being deprived of hard-won options that affect our long-term well being and the well-being of our culture.  In the future, this blog will be about Being a Woman, viewed from the perspective of a woman who has almost seen it all!

I also have a travel blog at: http://solowomenathomeandabroad.blogspot.com/

10 Responses to About Jo Anne Valentine Simson

  1. Clanmother says:

    Looking forward to reading your posts – I have a feeling they will be interesting, timely and exciting.

    • Thank you and Welcome! I’m afraid I haven’t been posting as much as I intended. I’ve just had a book launch, and the whole process of getting a book published and marketing it is very time consuming. Hopefully I can get back to blogging more regularly. But for me, regular is usually just once every week or two. (I personally get tired of reading bloggers who blog every other day and say nothing.)

  2. Very interesting blog concept Jo Anne, I like that you are analysing what it means to be women today, I think the combination of practical, intellectual, spiritual and scientific (genetic) perspectives offer much to reflect on.

    I recently read a very interesting piece about the future effect of women going into combat, both in spiritual terms and genetic terms, which was very interesting – it talked a lot about the necessary balancing effect of women on men and the danger of the sexes becoming too similar, especially in terms of aggression. Thought provoking indeed.

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