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Scientist, traveler, woman, writer, spiritual explorer, mother, grandmother, fascinated with the world, appalled by deliberate human ignorance. Website and blogs include:

Please Move on to My New Web Site

My New Web Site I’m no longer posting on this site. I invite anyone who visits here–or who has signed up to get notices when I post here–to join me at my new, much prettier and more professional website. Please … Continue reading

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On White Privilege and Taking Sides

Originally posted on Jena Schwartz:
“It’s like someone getting killed during a funeral service.” – Scott Woods I do not want to hide behind whiteness or succumb to numbness. So I am going to tell you a story — a…

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Moving to a New Website

I have been persuaded to move to a new, professionally designed website, and it has turned out to be quite lovely. Please come visit the new site! I’m excited about what the web designer has done; now I have to learn … Continue reading

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Quiet spring meditation in the woods

Originally posted on Lake Superior Spirit:
It sometimes takes a long time–a truly long time–maybe even years, or decades, or a lifetime–for one to learn how to truly become quiet in the woods. So quiet, so still, that there is…

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New Year’s Greetings, 2016

New Year’s Greetings, 2016!                              Looking forward to a new year in 1916, which I hope holds more promise for Peace on Earth than 2015! For me, last … Continue reading

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Surviving a coat hanger abortion doesn’t get you sympathy it gets you arrested

Originally posted on Dr. Jen Gunter:
The last few days I have had a lot of hits on an older post, Anatomy of a Coat Hanger Abortion.  From time to time older posts resurface in searches due to a relevant…

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Thanks and Love to the Men who have Broken my Heart

  ] Humans are hardwired to survive heartbreak This blog post has been transferred to my new web site. Please come and see it here!

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On Being a Woman: Female Scientist

  “Woman teaching geometry” Illustration at the beginning of a medieval translation of Euclid’s Elements (c. 1310 AD) This post has been moved to my new website. You can see it here.    

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Figuring Out Who You Are

Originally posted on Fran Moreland Johns:
“Please don’t call me Doctor Jones,” said an extremely distinguished PhD speaker I met recently; “I’m just a teacher named Joe. I’ve been Joe all my life.” His name is changed to protect the…

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Birth Control: Key to Averting Environmental Disaster

This blog post has been moved to my new website at: Birth Control: Key to Averting Environmental Disaster  

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