Korea Are You at Peace? Tales of Two Women Travelers in a Troubled Land is now available. It’s a quirky travel memoir that offers historical and cultural insights into Korea: why it’s divided, why the Korean war was never won, and how the peninsula became a political tinderbox. The beautiful, mountainous country is seen through the eyes of two women who lived and traveled in Korea a century apart. They tell deeply personal stories that illuminate religion, social structure, language, and the role of women in this “Hermit Kingdom of Asia.”

Korea, Are You at Peace?

Korea, Are You at Peace?

This can be purchased from the publisher in print and e-book versions at:

It’s also available through Amazon at:








The God that Says I AM: A Scientist’s Meditations on the Nature of Spiritual Experience is also available through Amazon in paperback and for Kindle reader at:

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  1. Would you consider writing a guest post for The Roar Sessions, a series I created that features women’s voices? I’d be honored.

    • I think I’d be willing to do that. Happy to do that if I have enough lead time. Would there be a deadline? Two weeks? Four weeks? Is there a format? I’ve read a couple of the roar blogs and it doesn’t seem like the subject matter is much constrained. If I were to write something relating to roaring, it might be about being a bitch–but just when it’s called for and when it counts. And how like being a man it is for a woman to be a bitch. Something like that.

  2. Joanne, somehow I never saw your response until tonight! I’d still welcome your roar — be it about being a bitch or something else! At this point, we’d be looking at early October. Here’s a link:
    I hope to hear from you!

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